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I’m thinking about becoming a client of Monocot Wealth Management. What are the most important aspects of your firm you want me to know about?

I’m a new client with Monocot Wealth Management. How can I get the most out of my relationship with your firm?

We’ll start by spending a good amount of time getting to know each other. That’s important because the better we know who you are—your preferences, your dreams and plans for the future, your approach to money—the more precisely we can tailor a financial plan that is just right for you. At the beginning of that process, we’ll take you through our Wealth Simulation Model, and we’ll talk about investment options and associated risks and characteristics. We want you to “kick the tires” before we engage with one another.

Once you engage us, the most important thing you can do is to trust us to do what we feel is right for you. You want the kind of relationship where you don’t feel like you have to look at your portfolio on a daily basis and constantly monitor the news because you know that we are handling your money. We’ll keep you up-to-date via our monthly phone call. In short, allow us to do what we do best: manage money.

Why should I call you to schedule a wealth simulation?

We truly believe that going through our Wealth Simulation Model is one of the most valuable things you can do in relation to your financial household. We say this because the results of the wealth simulation is a plan—a road map—that can pinpoint where you are now and clearly show you the best options to move forward with your money and your investments.

What are some questions I can ask myself to help me think about money and my relationship to it?

What are the top five characteristics a client should consider when choosing a financial advisor?

Opinions vary about this question, of course, but we think it’s important to consider these characteristics:

How are you able to offer more value to clients than they might find elsewhere, including at larger firms?

We strive to outperform any other firm—large or small—in everything we do. Here are a few specific reasons why we believe we are able to do that:

I see you have a number of certifications—Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Investment Management Analyst. How do those certifications help you provide better service for me?

Behind each of these designations are hours of education and study, culminating in examinations in which we had to prove we were worthy of the certification. In addition, certifications such as these require continuing education to maintain the designation. That keeps us inspired to stay engaged with the latest happenings in the full spectrum of the financial and economic world.

In a nutshell, the knowledge we have gained from preparing for these certifications—and our continuing education—enable us to stay on top of changes in laws and regulations, tax issues and all of the rapid developments in the financial services industry and the world in general.

What are some of the criteria you use to help determine the best financial investment strategy for your clients?

I’ve been told commission-based products are bad. What’s the problem with them?

Actually, the answer is nothing is wrong with commission-based products. There are situations in which commission-based products are the best choice. In fact, there are times when they are the only choice—such as in the case of insurance. When we believe a commission-based product can provide benefit to our clients, we fully disclose all costs and features and let our clients make the final decision.