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Monocot Wealth Management. 

A Focus on Client Success

Monocot Wealth Management was born out of a dissatisfaction with the “business as usual” approach at many large financial management firms, where client success often takes a backseat to the firm’s interests. As an independent firm, Monocot answers only to our clients. This freedom from corporate goals and restraints provides a number of advantages for our clients:

  • We have the opportunity to deliver objective, unbiased advice and guidance tailored to each client’s individual circumstances.
  • We can leverage the power of the latest technology to put information at our clients’ fingertips.
  • Our clients have access to a greatly expanded universe of investment products.
  • We are able to advise our clients on other assets, such as real estate.
  • We are free to transform as the financial service industry evolves rather than conform to rigid industry regulations that play to the weakest link.

Our wealth management process is defined by three main components:

  • Wealth simulation
  • Risk based asset management
  • A 12-4-2 approach to customer communication

At Monocot Wealth Management, our guiding principle is to always do what is right for our clients. We continue to provide the same attentive service and personalized approach our long-time clients have come to expect and value.


We are an RIA

Registered Investment Advisors (“RIAs”) like Monocot Wealth Management belong to one of the fastest-growing segments of the financial services industry, yet many investors do not understand the unique benefits of working with an RIA. One of our custodians, Charles Schwab, has developed a campaign to help describe the benefits of working with an RIA.

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Our Philosophy

Our primary purpose is to protect and grow our clients’ money. We recognize there are many potential hazards for investors today. For this reason, our investment philosophy is based on a conservative approach with two primary goals.

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Our Process

At Monocot Wealth Management, our engagement with clients is built on our three pillars of service: our Wealth Simulation Model, asset management and servicing our client relationships. Together, we create a blueprint for your financial investments and a plan of action for the future ensuring that we protect your money as well as make it work for you.

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Our Bottom Line

We believe we need to make money for our clients and we need to do that regardless of the economic environment. That includes down-market situations, where we not only work to protect our clients’ assets but to actually continue to grow them whenever possible.